Administrative Offices: (620) 364-2010
The Coffey County Library is excited to announce that we have been selected for the Kansas Department of Commerce Strategic Economic Expansion and Development (SEED) grant!
The library branches serve as a community center and social hub in each town in Coffey County. “The rules of engagement in economic development are changing,” Martin Gomez, president of the Urban Library Council stated in a recent report. “More and more, economic development success strategies involve people, technology and growing an infrastructure for economic activity built on ideas, knowledge, experience and quality of life”. For these same reasons, Coffey County’s public libraries are important. The branches have all of these qualities plus incredible reach so it’s no wonder that our libraries make each of our communities, and ultimately our county, stronger. CCL has promoted literacy, supported small businesses, attracted new residents and visitors, provided services for the disabled, and created jobs in each community.
As the digital presence of the CCL grows, our physical locations are still largely utilized. The mission statement of the CCL is to “promote discovery, lifelong learning and collaboration by offering valuable resources, superior service, and inspiring environments”. After 30 years, it stands to reason that with updated furniture and fixtures this grant will help support our mission statement of an “inspiring environment” visually.
With the funds from the SEED Grant each branch will select new furniture, fixtures, and items that will fit their space, look eye appealing, and accommodate all of our patrons regardless of age, ability, gender or special need.