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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I ?


Get A Coffey County Library Card?

Library Cards - Coffey County Library

Coffey County Library cards are available at each branch of the Coffey County Library.  Library cards may be used at any Coffey County Library Branch.  Proof of address is required.  If a patron is under the age of eighteen, a parent or guardian signature is also required.

Get A Kansas Library Card?

Library Cards - Kansas Libraries

Librarians at any Coffey County Library branch can register you for a Kansas Library Card account or you may register for a temporary account online  After registering for a temporary account, you have 30 days to verify your Kansas residency in person with your local library.

Check Out Materials and For How Long?

Check Out Materials

All circulating materials may be borrowed for a period of two weeks by any person with a valid Coffey County Library registration.  DVDs and Library of Things items are limited to one week.  Some Interlibrary Loan items may have restricted loan periods as well.


Use The Coffey County Library Online Catalog?

Online Catalog
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Search” tab and type in the Title you are searching for.  Then, click on “GO.”
  3. For more advanced searching, click on the “Advanced” tab.
  4. After search results are displayed, click “Availability” to see the item location and status.
  5. If you would like to request an item, click on “Place Request.”
  6. Fill in your barcode and pin.  Items will be delivered to the branch of your choice and can be returned to any branch.

To update your personal information, click the “Patron Account” tab and then, click the subheading “Contact Information and Preferences.”

If you would rather not log-in using your barcode, simply change your username by clicking on the subheading titled “Change Logon”.

You may also use the Online Catalog to manage and review your “Requests” and “Items Out.”


Place an Interlibrary Loan Request?

Interlibrary Loan Request

Try searching the Kansas Library Catalog.  To place a request on your own, please select your library/branch from the dropdown, login to your account, and follow the directions for Interlibrary Loan.

If you need assistance, please ask any librarian to request the materials for you.

Request More Time | Renew My Materials?

Check Out Renewals

You may renew Coffey County Library materials:

  1. In person at any of the six branches
  2. By phoning any of the six branches
  3. Online by going to  Click on “Patron Account.”   Fill in your barcode and pin to login.  Click on “Items Out.”  Check the box beside the titles you wish to renew.  Click “Renew Selected Items.”

Items may be renewed  two consecutive times unless a request has been placed by another patron.  Interlibrary Loan items can be renewed at the discretion of the loaning library.  Requests to extend time for Interlibrary Loan items should be made in person or by phone with the CCL branch that initiated the loan.

Return Checked Out Materials?

Return Materials

You may return your Coffey County Library materials to any of the six branches.  Each branch has a drop box for after-hours returns.  You do not have to return materials to the branch where you borrowed the materials, except for Library of Things items.

Library of Things items MUST be returned to the branch where they were checked out.


Unblock My Account?

Overdue Materials

All overdue items must be returned or replacement costs paid to clear your account.

Access the Wi-Fi Network?

Library WI-Fi

Coffey County Library is pleased to provide free, 24-hour wireless access at all branches.  When the library is closed, Wi-Fi is also available from the parking lots of our libraries.

How to connect:

  1. Set up your wireless card according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Turn on your laptop, PDA, or other wireless-enabled device.  Turn on your WiFi.
  3. Open a web browser and connect to the Hotspot.
  4. Agree to the terms and click connect.
  5. Log in.

It is not difficult to connect to the wireless network as most laptops will automatically detect the network and configure themselves to pick up the wireless signal.

Should you want to print, you may either save your work to a disk or flash drive or email it to yourself and then access it from a library workstation to print or each branch now has a WIFI|capable printer available during open business hours.

Donate to the Library

Donation Information

We always and gratefully accept monetary donations.  Everything from a nickel to a memorial gift can make a difference in our collection and programming! Personal property, art objects, portraits, antiques and other museum objects are accepted with approval by the Coffey County Library Board.

We also take donations of material, including books, dvds, audio books and music, at the discretion of the branch director.  If you have questions about a potential donation, please contact your local branch.

Thank you for thinking of us when making your charitable contributions.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Find Out About Employment Opportunities?

Employment Opportunities

If there are job openings with the Coffey County Library, they will be posted on the employment page of the website.

What, When, How Many?



What Are Your Hours?

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The hours of operation for each branch are listed in the website footer. All Coffey County Library locations are open six days a week, , except for New Strawn Branch, which is not open Saturdays. All branches have selected evening hours available to patrons.  All branches are closed on Sundays and the following holidays:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

What Computer Resources Are Available?

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We have public access computers with internet access in our six branches.  Each computer also has Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher), and a subscription to  From each computer, patrons can access our webpage and our online catalog.

When Was the Library Formed?

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The Coffey County Library was created in 1987 through an election process.  The first county board meeting was held June 1, 1987.  Several towns in the county had city libraries with long histories of service prior to the formation of the county library.  The assets of these libraries transferred to the countywide support January 1, 1988.

When Were the New Buildings Constructed?

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Waverly — 1990
Square Footage                               4,196
Construction Costs                  $352,735
Construction cost/square foot  $85.08

Gridley — 1991
Square Footage                                4,186
Construction Costs                   $374,619
Construction cost/square foot   $89.49

Lebo — 1992
Square Footage                               5,716
Construction Costs                   $419,066
Construction cost/square foot   $73.31

LeRoy — 1993
Square Footage                               5,264
Construction Costs                   $420,000
Construction cost/square foot   $79.79

Burlington — 1994
Square Footage                             14,490
Construction Costs               $1,153,263
Construction Cost/square foot  $79.59

New Strawn — 1997
Square Footage                               4,224
Construction Costs                   $342,967
Construction cost/square foot   $57.76

How Many People Work for The Library?

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The library has over 30 positions, full-time and part-time.  Each branch has a Branch Director and an Assistant Branch Director and Library Assistant(s).  Part-time Library Assistant and Branch Custodian positions range from 8 hours per week to 31.5 hours per week.

Branch Locations

Burlington Branch

410 Juniatta
Burlington, KS 66839

► Email

► Phone

(620) 364-5333

Gridley Branch

512 Main St.
Gridley, KS 66852

► Email

► Phone

(620) 836-3905

Lebo Branch

327 N. Ogden St
Lebo, KS 66856

► Email

► Phone

(620) 256-6452

LeRoy Branch

725 N. Main St.
Leroy, KS 66857

► Email

► Phone

(620) 964-2321

New Strawn Branch

365 Main St.
New Strawn, KS 66839

► Email

► Phone

(620) 364-8910

Waverly Branch

608 N. Pearson Ave.
Waverly, KS 66871

► Email

► Phone

(785) 733-2400