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Cookie Decorating Kit

New Strawn Branch


  • HKNMTT Sugar cookie decorating kits feature all the tools you need to make your holiday cookie dreams come true, from piping bags and tips to decorating utensils. Also good for cupcakes! All these cookie decorating supplies come in an elegant sturdy storage box, a particularly good gift set for kids and icing cookie lovers. You will absolutely delve into the cookie world, just enjoy your nice sugar cookies Halloween and Xmas party!
  • Include reusable silicone TPU PIPING BAGS and SHAPES TIPS SET * 6 ( 14″ 12″ 10″), mini revolving TURNTABLE, black food coloring PEN, decorating BRUSH * 2, cookie scribe NEEDLE, love shaped cookie CUTTERS, cleaning BRUSH, cookie BAGS *50. All products are manufactured by famous brand factories, with super high workmanship and quality, you will feel extremely safe while making food.
  • With durable converters, the icing bags tips can be easily switched instead of hollowing out icing, definitely helpful for different patterns of cookie decoration. The non-slip exterior and soft material allow you to hold it more comfortably, easy to use and clean. With 6 shapes icing piping nozzles, include Leaf, Stars, Basketweave, and Rounds, help you complete the boldest cookie design!
  • Wanna decorate like a pro? 360-degree revolving cookie turntable support you rotate at any angle to fill fine details of cookies. Food coloring pen helps you outline the shape of the pattern, scriber needle is used to stir the syrup, expel bubbles to make icing smoother. 2 cookie decoration brushes for unique icing patterns like a wave and flower petals, also for highlighting with Luster Powders.


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