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Disc Golf Starter Set

New Strawn Branch

  • Artistic Pattern Design: 6 exclusive disc prints are designed by NQV designers. They’re an anime character,an eagle, a sailboat, a hexagram, an athletes, a flying disc falling into the water with a splash. Imaginative and dynamic!NQV disc golf set is a great gift.
  • Portable Disc Golf Handbag: NQV handbag can be installed up to 10 discs; Support machine washing; Strong hand strap; Bright orange color full of sports vitality.
  • Complete Disc Golf Set: NQV disc golf disc set includes 6 packs 3 colors 6 prints flying discs(2 yellow drivers, 2 blue putters, 2 red mid ranges); 1mini version flying disc and 1 flying disc handbag.
  • Ideal for Disc golf Beginners: NQV Disc golf beginner set is for kids aged 6+ years old and adults disc golf new comers who can begin their first disc golf game with NQV. The disc golf set is complete, portable which you can paly it with your friends and family outdoor, backyard when you have cookout,parties, BBQ etc.
  • Multiple Ways to Play: Disc Golf can be thrown to the disc golf basket; Can be thrown to each other; Can be thrown far away by a single person. Flying discs can reach more than 10 meters.
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