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Floppy Disk Reader

Burlington Branch


  • As most modern laptops and desktop computers no longer come equipped with internal floppy disk drive for reading floppy diskettes, this 3.5 inch external USB floppy disk drive is an excellent solution to reading and writing your old floppy disks as easy as a built-in floppy disc reader. Retrieve Your Memories, for all the people that grew up with floppy disks, this is a return to the past.
  • No extra driver program is required, powered by the USB cable. Just insert your floppy diskette into floppy disk drive, then plug the USB type A/C connector to your computer and it will be automatically detected. Bring up Windows File Explorer, you will see drive A icon under “Devices and Drives”, right click it and select open option, you could cut, paste, copy the files in your floppy disks as you would other files in the system.
  • With ultra-slim (Only 0.63inch thick) design and lightweight(Only 0.52Ib), you can easily carry and use this compact USB floppy disk reader to retrieve your wedding photos, childhood photos, favorite poetry, university graduation thesis, novel manuscript and favorite songsinside your floppy disks at anywhere, no matter in the office, at school, at home or during travel. It’s a great gift idea for someone who have a lot of memories in the floppy discs.
  • This USB floppy disk reader is compatible with Windows 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 7/ Vista/ XP/2000 OS, not compatible with mac operating system, you can use it on most pc, laptop and desktop computers. Windows 11/10 system has a lot of show/hide options for File Explore, so you maybe cannot see the drive icon named “Floppy disk drive (A:)” after bring up “Windows File Explorer”, please bring up “Devices and Printers” and right-Click on the drive icon named “TEACV0.0” under the “Devices”, Hover cursor over “Browse files” and then click on “Floppy disk drive(A:)”, then you will see the content of your disks.
  • Not all of your disks were readable, that is a factor of age, not the drive. Floppy disks are products of the 80s and 90s of the last century, and has a history of 30 to 40 years, due to the retention of time is too long, some floppy disks may have been corrupted, got mold or dust, so some of your floppy disks may not be opened by our floppy disk drive successfully or the drive may can open some floppy disks fristly but stop working because of the dust on the disk. Note: Please check the status of the floppy disk carefully before reading it in case the drive stops working due to floppy disk issues.



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