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Food Dehydrator

Waverly Branch


  • Your food dehydrator comes with 8 stackable trays, flexible and expandable large capacity. Also includes one fine-mesh sheet for drying small food like herbs and one solid fruit roll tray for making fruit roll. The Tray liners are 100% BPA-FREE, which is safe to use.
  • This dehydrator has a precise timer ranging from 1 to 72 hours in 30-minute increments and adjustable temperature setting ranging from 95-158℉/35-70 ℃ allow you to dry out different types of food at proper and accurate temperatures.
  • This food dehydrator machine is designed with 8 large capacity food-grade drying racks, which can dry a large amount of food at once. Two ways to place for different sizes: Rotate trays one by one in 180 degrees to get different heights, 3cm and 1.7cm.
  • The bottom-mounted fan and heating element of this meat dehydrator provide steady airflow for optimum drying. 400 watts of power generates maximum speed and quality for fast drying.
  • Suitable for drying meat, herbs, fruit, vegetables, flower tea, nuts, mushrooms, or making beef jerky, turkey jerky, fish jerky and any homemade food; Also can be used to make snacks for your pets.
  • Dehydrating food with this food dryer preserves 97% of the natural vitamins and minerals in food for more delicious and nutritious all-natural snacks.


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