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Inflatable Projector Screen

Burlington Branch

  •  Bigger Screen Size than Similar Products – The Screen Size is 13 feet by 8 feet with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Bigger than most competitors selling blow up projector screen for outdoor movies
  • Front and Back Projection Capabilities – Stunning Front & Rear Projection Material Accommodates Placement of the Projector Behind or in Front of the Screen Allowing for Greater Flexibility
  • Less 5 Minutes to Setup – This Outdoor Movie Screen Has the Quietest and Most Powerful Blower On the Market – No Screws or Tools Needed – Everything is Included Inside the Box
  • Quick 5 Minutes to Store – Unzip the Zipper Located in the Black Frame and in a few Minutes it Will Deflate and be Ready to get Stored Inside a Convenient Included Storage Bag – The Black Frame can be Wiped Clean With any Cloth, While the White Screen is Held on by Velcro and it’s Fully Detachable and Easy to Clean


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