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It’s Library Card Sign-Up Month! Held each September, it’s an annual reminder that library cards empower individuals and communities by providing free access to technology, multimedia content, educational programming, and much more. A library card opens up a world of learning for everyone and is one of the most cost-effective back-to-school supplies available.

“During economic shifts, libraries help to foster resilience in the community by providing resources to support patrons in their creative and entrepreneurial endeavors,” says American Library Association (ALA) President Lessa Kananiʻopua Pelayo-Lozada. “A library card offers a wide range of opportunities for the community to find its voice and passion. I encourage everyone to up for a card at your local library and explore the resources and services that are available.”

If you love libraries—and the access they provide to rich and diverse worlds—we invite you to sign up for a Coffey County Library card and help spread the word about the value of a library card.