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Library Cards


Library Card Registration Form




To register with the Coffey County Library and receive a Library Card, please complete the application form below and submit it. The branch that you select in the first question will determine the location where you must pick up your new library card.

A few things you should know, per the Library Registration policy:

  • Patrons will be required to provide proof of address when picking up library cards.
  • If no proof of current address is available the patron will be required to self-address a postcard which, when returned with a postmark to the library with a completed application will suffice for proper identification.
  • Registrants under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian sign the form on their behalf.
  • A parent or guardian may restrict the borrowing privileges of her/his child with a juvenile registration number by refusing to sign the child’s registration card or by rescinding her/his signature.



Branch Locations

Burlington Branch

410 Juniatta
Burlington, KS 66839

► Email

► Phone

(620) 364-5333

Gridley Branch

512 Main St.
Gridley, KS 66852

► Email

► Phone

(620) 836-3905

Lebo Branch

327 N. Ogden St
Lebo, KS 66856

► Email

► Phone

(620) 256-6452

LeRoy Branch

725 N. Main St.
Leroy, KS 66857

► Email

► Phone

(620) 964-2321

New Strawn Branch

365 Main St.
New Strawn, KS 66839

► Email

► Phone

(620) 364-8910

Waverly Branch

608 N. Pearson Ave.
Waverly, KS 66871

► Email

► Phone

(785) 733-2400