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By:  Janet Birk, Gridley Branch Director

February is National Library Month and the 14th is Library Lovers’ Day. This is the perfect time of year to show how much you appreciate Coffey County Library and in turn, how much we
appreciate our patrons. Staff at all branches encourage our patrons to utilize the library and all it has to offer.

There are many reasons to “love your library” beyond going on a literary journey to outside worlds. Libraries can offer peace and quiet, a study place away from everyday stresses. They
provide information and services unavailable on the internet such as free assistance in finding hard-to-find information. There is free use of computers and internet, especially for those who
have no home computers. There are also all those wonderful items you can borrow: books, periodicals, DVDs, cake pans, music compact discs, newspapers, puzzles, games, mobile hotspots, and more. Wireless internet, book lockers for after-hours pickup, solar charging stations, and digital access are for those who can’t come in during open hours. Then there are those services such as faxing, printing, copying, and interlibrary loan. Free programs for all ages and of all types can be attended each month.

Each branch of Coffey County Library is a very important part of the community it serves.

Utilizing your library shows how much it is loved.