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Mini Heat Press

New Strawn


  • The temperature settings are controlled by one button which makes it easy to operate, the display provides a clear view of the current temperature setting, and 4 heat settings can meet all your different heat transfer demands. 4 Temp levels: Low: 285℉(140℃), Medium: 330℉(165℃), High: 385℉(195℃), Top: 400℉(205℃). This mini press is well-made with a ceramic coated dry heat plate, Our heat press mini transfers uniform heat to every place after the evenly heated plate.
  • Xinart mini heat press machine is really handy for small projects, great for getting into tight spaces and excellent if you are into crafting this is a must you can do hair bows, hats, masks, socks, earrings, shoes, baby clothes and more. Our small heat press machine makes it easier to iron on smaller pieces and on items that are not necessarily flat. 4 temp settings make our mini heat press works great on HTV Vinyl and Sublimation Ink Projects.
  • Xinart small heat press has FCC and UL certified. Our mini press is safe and reliable, equipped with a built-in auto shut-off system, this mini iron press will shut off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity which keeps your project from catching fire. An insulating safety base can protect the heating plate from scratches and prevent people from being scalded by high temperatures. NOTE: Xinart mini heat press machine can only work under AC 110-120V volts.
  • Xinart small heat press machine is amazing for quick up and downs while doing lots of small presses, it heats up fast and really makes small pieces a breeze to apply. Our small iron press evenly and smoothly heats up and very nicely adheres the htv vinyl and sublimation ink to your project, or take it traveling to get those packing wrinkles out! This heat press mini is very suitable for housewives, craft enthusiasts and students.
  • Xinart mini heat press machine is lightweight and portable, and it’s so small that it doesn’t take up any room when storing. It is ergonomically designed to hold with a comfortable grab handle and use easily by even someone with arthritis. This mini press comes with a water spray bottle and a small canvas bag.
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