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“Together for a Shared Future” is the official motto of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing being held during February 2022. The motto reflects the necessity for the world to work together towards a better tomorrow, especially given the difficulties faced throughout the pandemic.

We all know that a public library has many benefits that we feel also support that same goal and meaning. What we also know is that sometimes getting yourself motivated to visit the public library in person and benefit from our collection is a challenge in itself. With today’s life rhythm that includes Covid, it’s harder and harder to find the time and dedication to visit in person or through curbside pick-up and check out our materials. Here’s where our circulation challenge comes in.

The branches of the Coffey County Library will hold different activities to promote check out during February 2022 with an Olympic theme. Each branch will be comparing their circulation from February 2021 vs. February 2022. The branch with the highest percentage increase will win bragging rights and a celebration at the end of the month. Ultimately we all win…..library users get reacquainted with all the great free materials that CCL has to offer, our door counters show that we are relevant to our communities, and our circulation increases.

With these goals and the Olympic motto in mind, let’s work together for a shared future!