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Paper Shredder

Waverly Branch


  • Crosscut shredder for home office heavy duty can handles 12 sheet pages effortlessly per pass, make sure your important documents are securely shredded, can shred paper, credit card, CDs, staple or clips into 13/64*51/64 inches (5*20mm) tiny particles.
  • Based on the patented cooling system, Bonsaii paper shredder for home use heavy duty can run continuously for up to 5 minutes without worrying about overheating or slowing down, ideal paper shredder for home office use or small office use.
  • Auto start/stop and manual-forward/reverse function protect the paper shredder heavy duty from the frustration of paper jams. Overheat protection help you use paper shredder without worrying and prolong its lifetime. The document shredder will stop working once lift the head, keeping you safe.
  • The shredders for home office comes with portable handle and 5.5 Gal large transparent window wastebasket, with compact size of 12.6*7.91*18.3 inches, you can place it in the corner or under the desk, its perfect for home use or office use.


Place Check-Out Request

You may only check out items when you account is in “Good Standing.” Otherwise, you may only place the item “On Hold” until items preventing your account from being in “Good Standing” are cleared.  You must also pick up and return the item to the branch where the “thing” is located. The Coffey County Library courier cannot transport the “thing” between library branches.