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Thermal Imaging Camera

Burlington Branch

  • DETECT HIDDEN PROBLEMS – INNOVA 3360 Infrared Thermal Camera is optimal for scanning problems and issues inside your car and home. With its advanced sensor technology and 640 x 480 pixels visible camera, it can record temperature readings and download 294 x 240 pixels thermal images.
  • ADVANCED IMAGE TECHNOLOGY – INNOVA 3360 thermal camera uses high-technology infrared with an internal sensor that reads temperature differences. It’s 320 x 240 pixels at < 7 FPS display screen, this thermal scope scans images of hot or cold spots up to 100 feet away.
  • IMPRESSIVE FEATURES – This device’s 2-inch screen provides 32 x 32 pixels of real-time multi-colored thermal data of your environment. Check for seized brake calipers blockages, failures in the cooling system, A/C system lines, and condenser temperature uniformity.
  • VERSATILE THERMAL CAMERA – With a wide measuring range of -4F ~ 1112F and IP54-Rated tech to keep off dust and oil, it is ideal for multiple industries. Check wiring, fuses, shorts, and overloaded circuits, or identify home and plumbing problems.


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