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Watt Meter Electricity Usage Monitor

Burlington Branch

  • Choosing from 5 button to quick access different parameters. Press M to display KWH and electricity cost. Press + to display Watt (active power) and VA (apparent Power). Press OK to display true RMS voltage Vrms and true RMS current Arms. Press – to display Hz ( frequency) and PF (power factor). Press ↺ to display the maximum and minimum power. Press OK for 3s to display the complete accumulated time.
  • Insert the watt meter between the appliance and the power outlet. This energy meter will measure the power consumption of the appliance and automatically calculate the electricity bill, only being calculated if the appliance is running at a power greater than 2 watts. Suitable for computers, games consoles, printers, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, routers, etc.
  • When the load power exceed the overload setting value, power consumption exceed KWH alarm setting value, electricity cost exceed cost alarm setting value, LCD displays “Overload”, “KWh ALARM” or “COST ALARM” and LED light flashes continuously to warn user. The default overload power is 3680W ( 0~3680W adjustable ). In general, you need to set the overload power to 1800W before using. Ideal for monitoring the energy consumption of household appliances.
  • The power consumption monitor plug has a built-in high-precision chip that stores data in the event of a power failure. It has a reset function and a function to delete measurement data but retain setting parameters for switching between multiple appliances. It can effectively monitor the electricity consumption, reduce electricity bills and save energy.
  • Wide viewing angles is great for reading and recording the data in any angles. No need to stand on the front of the display and bend over to read the numbers, especially if the energy meter is not at eye level, or is only viewable from an angle. Note: No backlight.


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